Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

THERE ARE two main kinds – “Ordinary” and “Lasting”.  Unlike Wills, they deal with matters while you are still alive.

“Ordinary Powers” enable your Attorney to act on your behalf, but only as long as you retain mental capacity.

“Lasting Powers” (LPAs) – Property & Finance / Health & Welfare – remain effective even if you, the “Donor,” become mentally incapacitated.  With a Property & Financial Affairs LPA, you can choose whether you wish your Attorneys to look after those matters for you straight away, or, if you prefer, you can place a restriction on it so that it is only be used if you lose the capacity to manage your affairs.  With a Health & Welfare LPA, your Attorneys can only use this if you lose the mental capacity to make decisions for yourself.

LPAs should always be considered when writing your Will, to ensure your interests are properly cared for by those you can trust, during the remainder of your life.  Care Homes usually insist that in-coming residents have LPAs in place.

WE CAN complete all the required forms for you and supervise the signing and witnessing.  Mr Deadman is qualified to act as “Certificate Provider” for your LPAs, at no extra cost.  We can arrange for your LPAs to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian.

DO NOT leave it too late – LPAs must be prepared before the disability strikes.  People who have lost their mental capacity cannot sign legal documents!