How we help you

  • WE SPECIALISE in Wills and Estate Planning and keep up-to-date with the latest Legislation, Court Judgements, and Best Practices.
  • WE SUPPORT all measures to ensure that Will Writers are fully trained and competent, in an increasingly complex and litigious environment.
  • WE OPERATE a VAT-free “One Star” to “Five Star” service, in which Clients choose the level appropriate for them and the cost, which starts at £25 for a simple Will Form.  Typically, many of our Clients choose the “Four Star” service, providing for two visits – the first to take instructions, the second to supervise the signing and witnessing and ensure it is carried out correctly.  Between the two visits, we send you Drafts to approve or amend as required.  Most assignments are completed within 10 days (or sooner in an emergency).